El Corazon™ 

Fine Art Children's Portraiture


Commission a Portrait

There are many stages that go into the creation of El Corazon™ imagery and a lifetime of experience. The first stage is coming into the studio for a complimentary portrait planning session with your child. At that appointment you will be able to introduce your child to Kim Campbell and together discuss some concepts for the photography session.

Kim will connect with your kiddo and strike up an ongoing conversation about his or her interests, dreams and curiosities. She'll talk to you about how to search from personal family treasures that could be included in the portrait. Children at least four or older are best suited for this type of photography. Your child should be able to take direction and be an active participant in the creative process.

Photographer Kim Campbell + Hazel, the studio cat

Photographer Kim Campbell + Hazel, the studio cat

The photography world exemplifies its talent, sophistication and an eye for art in far and few between arenas in this modern world. A person would think they have to live in New York or Paris to find the quality and inspirational photography in the art world. One company, really-one “family” that stands apart from the fray of art as photography as well as art for the home is the work of Campbell Salgado Studio.
— Gonzo F. (Yelp)

The Investment

The process of creating an evocative piece of art will involve hours both in and out of the digital darkroom. When you come back to your selection appointment you will see between 20 - 30 completed photographs.

Our full range of photography products are available to choose from and Kim will have recommendations about the best surface to print your portrait upon.

Session + Package


With a wide range of pricing among Portland photographers it’s important to know that at Campbell Salgado Studio your portrait investment goes to supporting local artists with 20+ years of experience, an amazing team of talented and caring people and a gorgeous location that will make you feel at home.

To be photographed with us we have a minimum order of a small package or equivalent, in addition to your sitting fee.

El Corazon™

In Studio Session + Small Package

$900 - The creation fee is $400 and packages start at $500, making a starting rate at $900 for a session and creative wall display.

Your Package Includes...

  • A 30 minute planning session in our studio or over the telephone to conceptualize photo shoot.

  • An 2 hour photo shoot in studio with up to 3 backgrounds, and multiple props.

  • A personalized photo blog post on our site to share with friends and family.

  • Two weeks later you will come back for a multi-media presentation where we set the very best images from your session to music and assist you in creating extraordinary wall art for your home.

  • Love more? Additional prints, digital files and photo products are available for purchase.


Curated Collection of Props

From your grandfather's bomber jacket, to a wooden masks from your Mexican travels, musical instruments and more - you'll be surprised at the wealth of finds that might turn up in your home.

An empty suitcase or laundry basket becomes the perfect receptacle for the myriad of props and clothing you discover, all of which you will later bring to the photography session. Combined with Kim's personal collection of vintage objects, clothes and wacky masks your sentimental pieces will be built into your custom artwork.