Kim Campbell



Our Principal Photog

Entrepreneur, Designer, Gardner, Chef, Mother, Partner, Friend

An Oregon native, Kim Campbell is a widely-respected photographer and business women who delights in finding beauty in art, music, nature and people. She has honed her craft over the last 20 years and is humbled to think of the thousands of walls she has decorated over the years. Having really genuine moments with people is what makes waking up every day a pleasure.

Tripping back in time is a beloved human past time and Kim is grateful for the images she has of her own life and knows first hand how valuable iconic milestone imagery is for a person. Enjoy some of her favorite photos below from her personal archive.

I’m often told I have the patience of a saint from parents with excited and rambunctious children. I think there’s more to it than that. Each challenge I face as a photographer is an opportunity to know someone better.
— Kim



Experience + Intuition

A true entrepreneur who is all heart.

Campbell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from the University of Oregon, and a Master’s degree in Art Therapy from Marylhurst University.

Her interest in photography began while a student at the University of Oregon. Having always been a visual person, she found she loved the way photographs allowed her to create images that evoked emotion. While at the U of O she met and married her best friend, partner and fellow photographer - Francisco Salgado.

In 1995, she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy from Marylhurst College. For the next few years she worked helping kids and families process emotional trauma through art. During this time, Kim began photographing for Campbell Salgado Studio, that had begun catering to both expectant and growing families.

In the years since, she has designed and developed many of the product lines and ventures THAT THE STUDIO IS KNOWN FOR.

From conceptualizing of Foto Playground® to conceiving of El Corazon™ fine art portraits, clients have been able to enjoy Kim’s evolving talent and offerings.

Outside of the studio, Kim’s intuitive networking and business skills lead her to become a founding member of MotherSource. This local group of mother-owned businesses have been linked professionally by a common thread of services centering around holistic family well-being for over a dozen years.

In her free time she can be found gardening, walking in her neighborhood, doing yoga, playing with her cat, cooking new and favorite meals for her family and enjoying time with loved ones and friends.

Delving into psychological art portraits has been an ongoing side project. 
— Kim

 Local, National and International Recognition


Kim’s talents garner attention and praisE.

From Willamette Week, Portland Monthly to American Photo magazine. Here’s a fun sampling of some of the notice Kim’s received over the years.