Original Portraits™

Our Delightful Studio Photo Sessions


We’ve Got An Indoor & Outdoor Photo Studio

We've crafted original, one-of-a-kind sets and backgrounds not only indoors but in our portrait garden as well.

With light filtering rooftops on our outdoor backgrounds, we're only sent indoors by rain storms. Enjoy beautiful foliage, sculptural walls and an abundance of gorgeous textures in one unique location.

We never once heard Kim say “Smile” as a true artist acquires shots from true life, not poses. It took less than a week to see photos, which was like a million years only because I knew they would be the best photos ever…An incredible family experience with amazing and loving professionals. We could not be more happy with the results.
— Carrie H. (Yelp)

The Investment

Whether you are a regular consumer of professional photography or a newbie...

We want you to know that you are in good hands. As a full-service photographic studio we have lots of ideas and beautiful products that will turn your photos into works of art.

Our goal is to take our clients through a fun and memorable studio photo shoot. Handing over the finished portraits to moms, dads, partners, grandparents and loved ones is one of our greatest pleasures.

Session + Package


With a wide range of pricing among Portland photographers it’s important to know that your portrait investment goes to supporting local artists with years of experience, an amazing team of talented and caring people and a gorgeous location that will make you feel instantly at home. 

To be photographed with us we have a minimum order of a small package or equivalent, in addition to your sitting fee.

Original Portraits™

In Studio Session

80 minutes

$700+ - for 6 or fewer people, sitting fee of $200, packages start at $500.

$800+ - for 7 or more people, sitting fee of $300, packages start at $500


Your Package will Include...

  • A 30 minute planning session in our studio or over the telephone.

  • An 80 minute photo shoot in studio with up to 3 backgrounds.

  • A personalized photo blog post on our site to share with friends and family.

  • The following week come back for a multi-media presentation where we set the very best images from your session to music and assist you in creating gorgeous wall art for your home.

  • Pick your 4 favorite poses and you'll receive a package that includes 6 retouched prints and web-sized files for sharing online of your chosen 4 favorites.

  • Love more? Additional prints, digital files and photo products are available for purchase.