About The Studio


Our Photo Studio is Different

A Campbell Salgado experience is a ticket into an historic 1908 Craftsman in the heart of the Sellwood neighborhood. This real 'Mom and Pop' shop houses the Campbell Salgado family on the upper two floors and the Campbell Salgado Studio on the bottom levels.

Lovely amenities abound including private waiting areas and photography studios, multi-media presentation rooms (think private screening room) and an über charming outdoor portrait garden and even a kitchen to prepare a snack for your little ones.

The Outdoor Portrait Garden

Since 2005 Kim and Francisco have been meticulously reconfiguring their back garden space to create lush gardens, beautiful backdrops and textures.

In 2010 we added light-filtering ceilings to several of our favorite backdrops so we could be outside in drizzly conditions as well as during the high-noon, Summer sun. With an outdoor heater keeping families toasty during the Winter and refreshing water features keeping them cool in the Summer. Lucky for us we are able to extend our natural light shooting options throughout most of the year

Voted Portland’s Favorite ‘Mom & Pop’ Photography Studio.
— Willamette Week

The History of Our Photo Studio

2015 - present

In 2015 Francisco embarked on a new career as a Portland Realtor® with Portland Digs. Though he still keeps his hands in the day-to-day operations at Campbell Salgado Studio he is now out-and-about Portland helping people buy homes for sale and sell their homes. If you had the opportunity to work with him you know his penchant for providing quality service with integrity. His real estate clients are beyond thrilled with his support, guidance and negotiation skills. Hear what they have to say and read his philosophy on helping people on his real estate website. In addition to his many roles he also continues to create sculpture – view and purchase his work here.

Meanwhile, Kim Campbell continues to run the Campbell Salgado Studio with all the playfulness, competency and caring it's known for. She also continues to pursue a fine art career with her photography. Heading to numerous photo review festivals, showing work in galleries and creating new bodies of imagery she always seem to have a project in hand. See more of her fine art work on Kim's personal website.

2013 - 2014

As our lovely business emerges into new times and technologies, Kim and Francisco find themselves embracing the fine arts that brought them to the field of photography initially.  Kim continues to pursue her fine art photography career and Francisco his sculpture.  

At the end of 2014, Kim and Francisco launched their lifestyle video blog LifeHack INC. Showcasing creative ingenuity this duo finds humor and solutions for all kinds of everyday problems. In 2013, a new product line called Foto Playground™ emerges as a DIY photo booth studio experience for our customers who love 'selfies'.

2010 - present

After riding a wave that hit many small businesses we are coming into shore. With new technologies under our belt, a close-knit team and a transformative outdoor space we are ready to play.

We are committed to keeping our friendly photography studio open and available to families in Portland. In the last couple of years this option has become less and less available as some of our fellow photographers have gone out of business during economic hard times. Guess what? We've moved up above the shop. Remember the upstairs studio? It's now our dining room allowing us a treetop view of Tacoma and our lovely outdoor space.

2010 to 2011 is web 2.0 all the way. With a new website build out and our fingers in all kinds of social media pies. We look forward to new and interesting ways to connect with folks.

2007 – 2009

So much accomplishment has filled the last few years that our time line is deserving of a new mark. The New Era that dawned with all the changes since 2005 is confidently in motion. Two-thousand and seven saw the most successful year in the history of our photography studio; Campbell Salgado Studio expanded its services and got even more involved in the community. And we haven’t rested for even a moment. In 2008 the photo studio introduced two high-profile portrait photography brands, El Corazón™ and Vignettes™ – each representing a distinct aspect of our photography, and each with its own character.

To help handle the load, we’ve doubled our efforts by strengthening our in-house production team and adding talented associate photographers. We’ve also started several public relations initiatives in preparation for secret projects we have waiting around the corner. In the coming months and years, we will redefine our vision and continue to create products that bolster our reputation as innovators in the portrait photography industry. If 2008 has been any example, the most exciting things lie ahead.

2005 – 2006

We dub this time “The New Era.” Campbell Salgado Studio logged its first full year in its current photography studio location, following extended renovation efforts. After recognizing that the team,  the business, and its clients had outgrown its previous space, we spent nearly a year searching for a new place to call home.

What we found is literally a home, a 1908 craftsman-style house nestled in the beautiful Portland, Oregon neighborhood of Sellwood. Our new portrait studio bares the mark of almost-endless toil: hammers on nails,  hands in dirt, and upgrading of equipment. Our future from this point forward represents much great progress: solidifying of team members,  honing of process and service, and the perfect fit for our clients.

Kim Campbell, Francisco Salgado, 2004 portrait with son in Portland, OR


Two-thousand and four: a year for technology. Forged from tradition and a love for film, photographers Kim and Francisco could no longer resist the benefits of going digital. With research in hand and the trials of the industry before it, Campbell Salgado Studio plunged into the current generation with state-of-the-art computers and cameras. We brought in professional digital artists and revamped our process. More importantly, we discovered the means to create the same look and feel of classic black and white photography in the all-new digital medium.


2000 – 2003

The turn of the century represents the beginning of the growth period. Symbolically emphasized by the birth of Kim and Francisco’s son, Tamaio, this time represents the system at work. Though we’d like to think the uniqueness of the Campbell Salgado image did all the selling, we found a niche in pregnancy and baby photography. With the help of its first full-time employee, the photo studio built its client base and solidified its reputation.

1997 – 1999

The late 90s could probably be toasted as the turning point.  Beset by an unfortunate chain of personal tragedies, Kim left her work as an art therapist to join Francisco in the studio full time. In need of a new outlet to focus her talents, Francisco thrust a camera into her hands and instructed her to push buttons. Out of the support of Francisco’s love and technical guidance, a new photographer was born.

A team was also formed. Kim and Francisco could share their creative expression while at each other’s side.

Kim’s business instincts brought a sudden infusion of momentum to their work. A female friend expecting her first child asked Kim to capture her on film shortly before her due date. The result, an amazingly fresh and artistic perspective of pregnancy, took everyone by surprise. Following this discovery, the market showed its appreciation with more frequent requests for maternity photography.

1995 – 1996

As most of us are at some point in our lives, Kim and Francisco were faced with a big question: Where do we go from here?” This is not always an easy question to answer. Confronted with the challenge, the husband and wife needed to earn a living while finding the answer.

Kim helped Francisco open a business in Portland’s historic Towne Building, mixing photography and sculpture into a unique blend of creative services. With a few portraits here, and instruction on the art of figure studies there, the operation was an endeavor of personal passion.

Joining forces on weekends, Francisco spent weekdays photographing a mix of portrait photography clients including models, actors, and high-school seniors, and Kim put her academic accomplishments to use in the field of Art Therapy.

1992 – 1994

Kim and Francisco meet, and are married just seven months later. They embarked on a months-long tour of Europe during the summer of 1993, capping their trip by getting married in Greece.

Their return home marked the beginning of Kim’s masters studies. Francisco began teaching photography at Clark College in Vancouver,  Washington, and later sculpture at Portland Community College. The two were inseparable in spite of their independent endeavors, and together they formed the first edition of their joint business venture, a small arts and sculpture outfit titled Hall of Dreams Studios.