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Milestones for Professional Baby Pictures

"When is the best time to take take baby photos?" This is a frequent question new parents have.

Our answer? There's never a bad time to take studio baby photos, you'll just be capturing different milestones and all are special. Here's a handy guide–from our newborn photographer–of what to expect at your baby photo shoot at different stages.



3 days to 3 weeks - During the first few weeks the beauty and innocence of this time is unmatched in newborn baby photography as you bond with your greatest creation.

Three month baby photography of baby girl lying on belly against amber light (gold) background in a portrait from Campbell Salgado Studio in Portland, Oregon.


2 - 4 months - Your child's will be growing quickly and soon ready for tummy time whether they like it or not. The smiles have arrived. Mornings will be the best time for photos.


6 to 8 months - The prime time for the quintessential baby photos. With a gummy grin and an easy laugh this is not a stage to miss...a favorite of baby photographers.

One year old baby girl portrait taken by baby photographers at Campbell Salgado Studio in Portland, Oregon.


1 year - By now baby is pulling up on furniture and tentatively exploring first steps - hallmarks of this age. There will never be another birthday quite like this one.

Kim Campbell from Campbell Salgado Studio shares her 'Top 10 Tips' of what to expect at your newborn or baby photo session. How to prepare and what it will be like are discussed.
Kim was very gentle and considerate of baby’s mood and knew just the right times to change poses to keep a happy girl...I’m so happy we found their studio and entrusted our first baby photos to them.
— Marin T. (citysearch)

The Investment

Your baby is soon to arrive or may already be here. The first year presents a number of great opportunities for studio baby photography. We are here to help you savor those fleeting moments so you can look back over the years to see how your child began. Your baby photo shoot may also include siblings or grandparents at this session. Everyone's welcome.

Want a portrait taken at your home? Add $200 within the Portland area and choose a Vignettes™ session.

We have lots of special ideas and beautiful photo productsfor your home, for grandparents or loved ones–that will turn your baby's photos into works of art.

Session + Package


With a wide range of pricing among Portland newborn + baby photographers it’s important to know that at Campbell Salgado Studio your portrait investment goes to supporting local artists with 20+ years of experience, an amazing team of talented and caring people and a gorgeous location that will make you feel at home. 

To be photographed with us we have a minimum order of a sitting fee and small package or equivalent.

Original Portraits™

In Studio Baby Session

$700 - sitting fee of $200 (for 6 or fewer people) + small package of $500

$800 - sitting fee of $300 (for more than 7 people) + small package of $500


$750 - sitting fee of $250 (for mother and 1 or 2 babies) + small package of $500


On Location Baby Session

$900 - sitting fee of $400 (for 6 or fewer people) + small package of $500

$1000 - sitting fee of $500 (for more than 7 people) + small package of $500


Your Package Includes...

  • A 30 minute planning session in our studio or over the telephone with your baby photographer.

  • An 80 minute baby photo shoot in studio with up to 3 backgrounds (your baby will set the pace for background changes) or 2 hours on location.

  • A personalized photo blog post on our site to share with friends and family.

  • The following week come back for a multi-media presentation where we set the very best images from your session to music and assist you in creating gorgeous wall art for your home.

  • Pick your 4 favorite poses and you'll receive a package that includes 6 retouched prints and web-sized files for sharing online of your chosen 4 favorites.

  • Love more? Additional prints, digital files and photo products are available for purchase.

Campbell Salgado made us feel relaxed and at home the minute we walked in the studio. As you know this is no small feat when you are trying to arrive with your family between naps, feedings, vomit free and in somewhat clean clothes.
— Jeff B. (citysearch)

Sweet + Sassy Siblings in Baby Portraits

A new baby is as much a joy and challenge for your first-born children as it is for you. Some embrace the arrival of the littlest family member, and others are uncertain how to react.

We seek to capture the most tender, enchanting and funny moments in familial relationships. Our photographers have years of experience working with excited toddlers.

Newborn and toddler portrait photography at Campbell Salgado Studio

What to Wear?

With baby and newborn photography there are a couple simple rules. Choose clothes for parents that are flattering, simple, in darker color tones and in a color palette that compliments your chosen backgrounds. Little brothers and sisters should wear textured fabrics in solid colors or subtle prints, bare arms are nice for holding the new baby.


Newborn twin babies photographed at Campbell Salgado Studio in Portland, Oregon

The Magic of Multiples

Over the years we've been tickled pink and blue to take photos of twins and triplets. We have experience, patience and lots of baby wipes. A professional baby photographer knows there is an art to capturing each child's unique personality and expressions with multiples and twin baby photoshoots. 

Newborn Photography Gift Certificates Make Great Baby Shower Gifts

There is nothing more thoughtful than a gift certificate for professional photography. Our gift certificates are gifted for baby showers and blessing-ways and more.

Choose a set dollar amount or simply purchase a photo session with a starter package. One call sets the wheel in motion and we can have a custom wrapped gift certificate prepared for you within a few hours to pick up at our photography studio.

Another fun idea is to set up a group gift campaign using Giftstarter. Select a photo package or amount and have friends and family contribute online to the group gift.